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January/February 2019


JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 >> Vol. 16 Issue 1


The traditional farm hedgerow makes a comeback!
By Jim Jones Techniques for making and maintaining delightful,
natural shrubby boders.

Monsanto vs Schmeiser
By Matt Jones Farmer and biotech firm reflect on their landmark court case.

Slow Triumph
By Edna Manning One farmer’s incredible efforts to deal with
leafy spurge

Many egg, many baskets!
By Vanessa Farnsworth What is being learned from the Crop
Climate Project.


Letters Cluck or quack but not both, house fire cures cast iron like a hot dang.

News & Notes So-long to shipping tractor parts, we are printing our own, thanks!; worm control in goats and sheep; time to invest in black walnut trees?; book review: The Year-Round Hoophouse: Polytunnels for all seasons and all climates; Research Notes: why is your goat frowning?; seaweed and climate change, insects and the US military.

Poultry By Amy Hogue Preserving Canada’s poultry show tradition.

Equipment By Dan Kerr All about three-point hitches.

Recipes By Helen Lammers-Helps Say yes to lasagna soup..

Notes from the Larkspur Supper Club
By Dan Needles Where do good ideas come from?